Many car owners are used to how the brake systems in their cars work, and they like taking them for granted. That's the reason why many drivers rarely take their cars for brake repair services. When you step on a brake pedal, you expect the car to decelerate and then stop. This should always happen within the normal braking time. But, the braking time depends on several factors, like the condition of the road, the weight of the vehicle, and the speed of the car.

Experienced drivers usually estimate the braking time required for their car to stop. However, if your car takes longer to stop, then your brakes might be working slower than usual, and you should take this problem seriously. Always take your car for brake repair services whenever you notice that it is taking longer to stop.

Common Reasons Why Brakes Work Slower Than Usual

Worn or damaged brake pads – brake wear is one of the common reasons why your brakes might be working slower than usual. If you haven't changed your brake pads and resurfaced your rotors for a while, you should consider doing that whenever you notice this problem in your car.

Brake fade – this is a very noticeable issue in many instances. But the best time to notice it is when you are driving down a descending mountain road with many corners. When driving on such roads, you are forced to ensure that your foot is on the brake pedal and that you are pressing the brakes regularly.  This creates great levels of heat, and it affects the rotors and pads. As a result, the braking performance of your car is reduced, and it takes longer to stop. Generally, brake fade is not a permanent condition. When the rotors and pads cool, the braking system of your car will start functioning as normal.

Low fluid levels – braking systems rely on hydraulic pressure to function. That means, your vehicle needs brake fluid for the brakes to function. When the brake fluid is low, you will realize that the brakes are taking too long to stop the vehicle. When the brake fluid level goes beyond the low maker, then the brakes might fail to function at all.

Stuck caliper – both the front calipers should be in good working condition as this allows the brakes to stop the vehicle normally. When you notice that your brakes are working slower than normal, then one of the front calipers might be stuck or not functioning normally.

What to Do

Whenever you notice that your brakes are working slower than usual, never ignore that problem. It might be a temporary problem or a serious issue that requires a mechanic's attention. Therefore, always ensure that you take your car to be inspected by a specialist in brake repair services whenever you notice this problem.

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