It is difficult to avoid minor auto body damage. Whether it involves scratches, dents, broken lights, or bumper scrapes, you will find that any of these will happen when you least expect it. When you don't have the time to tackle them yourself, you can always opt for auto body repair. There are auto shops that can repair minor and major issues relatively inexpensively. Just look for a reasonably priced auto body shop online. Alternatively, ask your co-workers, friends or relatives for a reliable referral.

On the other hand, you may be able to tackle light auto body defects by yourself. If you are patient and determined, you can save money by trying DIY car repair. However, you might take a longer time and still not end up attaining professional results. The following are simple car body repair jobs you can personally tackle.

Dents and Dings

It is necessary to be careful when driving your car to keep it from having dents and dings. But, if you already have these to deal with, then you should learn about body fillers. There are different kinds of body fillers: standard, medium, and premium. So it's necessary to select the best one to ensure your repair results are desirable. Body filler will even out dents and coat other marks on the car body. Whether you have dents, tiny holes or hail damage, the right body filler is all you need.

So, clear and dry the areas affected by these defects. Then do thorough sanding to ensure that fillers bond well to these surfaces. Mix your body filler with the right amount of hardener. As you apply the blend, take care not to stain the rest of the car body. In some cases, you can repair minor dents with suction cup dent pullers prior to filling and repainting the area. Otherwise, if working with body fillers proves difficult, get auto body repair help from a shop like High Point Body & Paint.

Damaged Car Lights

Is your tail light or turn signal broken? These are extremely important lights and should always work properly. If yours are damaged, then you can repair or replace them personally. Repair work will obviously be more difficult than the replacement work. Not only will you need simple tools for the job, but also a little creativity. If you want your auto to look more attractive, then purchase parts from a local dealer. 


When dealing with a deep scratch, then you should be able to see the lighter color underneath it. With several coats of touch-up car paint or scratch filler, you can do a good job. Wait until the fresh paint dries to sand the area with fine sandpaper (400-grit sandpaper). Then you can move on to 800-grit sandpaper. Once the area is smooth, apply wax to produce a beautiful sheen. One important thing to remember is that you should get the best type of paint for your vehicle, and that is outlined in the owner's manual.