Some of the most bothersome dents that you get on your car are the ones on the side that are so easy to see and detract from the way the finish looks. The dents are not always large, but because of where they are, you see them every time you get in the car. Removing them can be easier than you think and with paintless dent repair, the car can look great without needing a lot of work.

Best Candidates 

Not every dent will come out with paintless dent repair, but most small dents and dings that are the flat panels of the body can benefit from it. A crease in the body or over a style line is typically not a good candidate for this process but check with the body shop doing the repair. The technician will look at the dent and let you know what will come out and what needs more traditional body repair.

One Dent at a Time

Paintless dent repair requires some special tools and a technician that understands how to get the dents out without warping the panel. In most cases, a suction cup is used to pull the dent out of the metal and heating or cooling makes the metal expand or contract to "pop" the dent out. 

If the dent removal is done properly, the panel will be nearly perfect after the dent is out and the results will be so good that it will be hard to tell where the original dent was. The process takes a little time to do right, but because there is no stripping, prepping, and painting involved, the cost of this service is far cheaper than a traditional dent removal job. 

Type of Dents

The most common use for paintless dent removal is hail damage or door dings. Hail damage is particularly destructive for new cars that are on the lot waiting to sell. If the dealer has a lot of cars that have damage from a storm that came through, the cost of repairing them could be extremely high using traditional methods. 

With paintless dent repair, the dealer can have the cars fixed and they never touch the factory finish.

Door dings on the side of the car are also often cheaper to repair with paintless dent repair and for many people, even though the damage is cosmetic, fixing these dings is important. One a car that is otherwise sound, door dings can reduce the resale value of the car but repainting the car may not be practical.