Your vehicle can suffer body damage in a number of incidents that both involve and don't involve other cars. Body damage lowers the value of your vehicle and can impact the overall safety and protection your vehicle offers, which is why it is smart to fix your vehicle's body damage.

When it comes to getting body damaged fixed on your vehicle, there are a few important things you need to know in order to choose the best auto body shop to do the work.

Thing #1: Frame Damage Can Be Fixed

Just because the frame on your vehicle suffered damage, doesn't mean your vehicle has to be totaled out or is unfixable. Although frame damage is serious, the right auto body shop can fix it.

You will want to work with an auto body shop that has frame-straightening equipment. A frame straightener is designed to take precise and exact measurements of your frame, compare them to what they should be, and slowly tweak your frame until it is straight. This is a specialized piece of equipment that requires a trained mechanic to use it.

The mechanic will be able to let you know if your vehicle's frame can be fixed, and if you decide to move forward with the repair, they will get your frame back to its original shape.

Thing #2: It's Important to Replace Damaged Panels

Next, it is important to replace damaged panels. When you have a body panel that is damaged, it is not just unsightly, but it impacts your overall safety as well. That is why it is important to fix body damage and not just let it go because you don't care about how your vehicle looks.

Leaving your bumper crushed reduces your protection if you get into another accident. Leaving your side panel collapsed reduces the protection you have if you are hit on the side again. If you intend to keep driving your vehicle, remember that fixing damaged body panels is not just about looks; it is about safety as well.

Thing #3: Whole Vehicle Paint Jobs Are Not Required

Back in the day, when a body panel was damaged, in order to get the color to look right, oftentimes the entire vehicle was repainted.

However, that is no longer necessary. With modern paint-matching technology, a skilled auto body shop will be able to repaint the damaged area and blend the paint so that it matches with the rest of your vehicle. This can help reduce the cost of repairing your vehicle and can help get your vehicle back to you at a quicker pace.

When your vehicle suffers body damage, it is important to get everything fixed. Your body panels protect your vehicle, and if you want to be safe in the event of a future accident, you need to fix the body damage on your vehicle.

If the frame is bent, see if the shop has a frame-straightening machine they can use to fix it. Talk to the collision repair shop to learn more about the process of fixing the damage to your vehicle.