When you get into a collision on the road or have a shopping cart hit your bumper and leave you with a ding, you're left with two main options: leave the damage as it is and hope for the best or actively look for bumper repair as soon as you can.

Even a small ding to a bumper that doesn't result in more serious damage should be cause for concern. Find out why you need to address any bumper damage with a bumper repair specialist, even if the damage is minor or barely noticeable.

Your car could be compromised

The sole purpose of your car's bumper — you actually have two bumpers, one in the front and one in the back of your car — is to absorb most of the impact from a collision of any kind. This protects your car's engine, trunk, hood, and other components of your car along with minimizing the physical injury to the passengers in the car.

If your bumper is damaged in any way, it loses its ability to protect the rest of your vehicle as well it should. This means, should you get into another wreck, your vehicle could sustain severe damage and you could risk injury to yourself. Don't risk it: have a bumper replaced or repaired by a bumper repair specialist even if the ding or dent is minor.

Your car could lose value

Bumper damage is different than other types of vehicle damage because the benefit of having a bumper is diminished or even eliminated if the damage is severe enough. This potentially devalues your vehicle, much like your car would lose its safety value if the airbags deployed and were not replaced. In order to help your car be as safe as possible, and therefore hold more of its value should you choose to sell or trade in the vehicle in the future, ask your bumper repair service technician how much replacing or repairing your bumper will cost.

The investment you put into bumper repair can be as cheap as $350 and you can get help from your auto insurance company for the costs if you choose to file a claim. Your bumper repair costs will vary depending on the material your existing bumper is made of, how severe the damage is, and whether you choose to have the bumper repaired or replaced. Your bumper repair service company will show you various quotes for repairs so you can choose the best solution for your bumper.

To learn more, contact a local bumper repair service.