Logging companies, forestry departments, and tree services need to use a lot of specialized vehicles to do their jobs. One of the things these businesses generally have to do is chip wood. That means that they need to have a wood chipper. That also means that they need to have a way to get the chips away from the job site. One way to do that is to use a chipper truck. 

Chipper Truck

These trucks are similar to dump trucks. However, instead of having an open bed like a dump truck, a chipper truck usually has a mostly enclosed bed. That helps to keep the chips from flying back out of the truck while the chipper is shooting them in, and it also keeps the chips from flying out when the truck is being driven. There is a hole somewhere in the shell of the truck bed, usually in the back, so that the chipper can be accessed. That can be customized as necessary, depending on the company's needs. Several things can be customized on the trucks to make them more functional for the company that owns the trucks. 

Tool Boxes

One of the things that can be customized is whether or not the truck has toolboxes. Having those boxes can be very helpful for the driver because there may be times when the driver needs to fix a jam in the system, or some other quick bit of work needs to be done. If there are toolboxes under the bed of the chipper truck, all anyone has to do is get into the toolbox and get whatever is needed to do the job. 

Truck Bed Liner

The inside of the chipper truck's bed gets a lot of use and abuse. Having wood chips shot into it at great speed can cause damage to the truck over time. One customization is adding a heavy-duty truck bed liner to the bed of the truck. The bed liner can help protect the metal from getting damaged. There are different kinds of liners. Some are vinyl liners that can be set into the truck's bed. Others are spray-on liners that can be easily reapplied as needed. 

Trucks that are used in logging, by forestry companies, or by tree services need to be tough so that they can hold up to the use that they will get. That includes the chipper trucks that haul away all the wood chips from job sites. Customizing these trucks makes it easier for those companies to do their work.  

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