Although your car's body paint is still in good condition, you may be thinking about changing its color. Or you may want to get creative and have a bright, bold design to help your vehicle really stand out.

While you could get your car painted, the process is often long and can be quite expensive, unlike having a wrap applied to the body. Below are a couple of advantages of having a professional apply a car wrap on your vehicle instead of having it painted.

1. Wrap Allows You to Be Creative with Your Car's Appearance While Letting You Easily Change Your Mind

One advantage to having a wrap applied to your car instead of having it painted is that it gives you full creative freedom without worrying about it being permanent. When you have your car painted, if you decide in a few months you do not like it or need a change, you would have to either get used to the paint job or fork out the money to change it.

However, with a wrap, it can easily be removed from the body while not damaging the paint underneath and without needing to spend a lot of money. You can even decide to have a professional change the wrap to a new design or color without having to worry about harming the car's original paint.

2. Wrap Stands up Better to Adverse Weather Conditions and Impact Damage from Rocks and Other Small Objects

Another advantage to having a wrap applied instead of paint is that the wrap stands up better to abuse. Since the new paint will be just as vulnerable as the one that is already on your car's body, it will be prone to fading, chipping, and dents from hailstones, rocks, and other small objects.

However, when a wrap is applied to your car, it can cushion the blows from impact damage while resisting the fading effects of the sun and protecting the car from scratching, chipping, and denting. 

If you want to change the appearance of your car, a wrap allows you to explore your creative side while also allowing you to change your mind easily without having to go through the expense of having the body painted multiple times. The wrap also stands up better than paint to adverse weather conditions and impact damage while protecting your car's base paint underneath. If you are interested in learning more, contact an auto body shop in your area, like Certified Install Wraps.